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a private virtual
concierge offering 
by Jenn Hadjiyannis 

I have a passion, to ELEVATE women from all walks of life to LOVE

I have actually produced events for over twenty years.  I see men and women walk into a space and are joyfully in awe of their experience.  In some events, I have witnessed a little shyness, fear, and difficulty settling into their bodies and the community.  At S Factor, I worked very closely with Sheila.  I was part of the Creative, Production, Sales, and Customer Service...pretty much all parts of someone's experience in an event.  Whether it was an S Factor Retreat or an Event, such as Mama Gena Mastery or Tony Robbins Relationship events. 

As WILDFEM Leader, the enthusiasm to ELEVATE a person's experience at an event and in life is extremely alive in me today! God has blessed my life in so many ways, I want to give back...

Register for the S Gathering and allow me to help you lean into the mystery of what's coming!  

Use my code ~

jennh23 for the pay in full

jenn23 for the payment plan

Once registered... contact me to reserve your spot for ELEVATE!



4 ~ Two-hour classes of learning the language of feminine movement, playing with music, dabbling into S Philosophy, learning WILDFEM tips, ask questions!

Private WhatsApp during the event to stay connected, celebrate, and hold space for each other!

Post event~

2 ~ Two-hour classes in moving meditation, campfire talk, and an invitation to join WILDFEM LifeLines, a year-long program, diving deeper into the feminine ~ her emotions, expression, and integration into her everyday life!  Living out Loud!

Valued over $1097 but if you register using my code, it's my gift to you!


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