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Wild + Free Goddess

It was an absolute JOY spending time getting to know you! Dancing, Laughing, Crying and creating a beautiful bond.  Oh and painting our Legendary Goddess!  I LOVE spending time with women who love discovering what adventure awaits them!  To explore the possibilities life has to offer and share them with loved ones!  Witnessing love ripple out... Thank you so much for opening and sharing your heart and soul.  AND for embracing Amelia!  Our young fems need us to continue to pave the way and give them permission to be who they were born to be!  Wild + Free! Please keep their flame ignited by living your truest self!  Whether you have a child or not, your feminine radiance will inspire our young ones and let them explore who they are and not what we think or society says they should be. 



Details coming soon on upcoming LIVE events -

Find more details on wildfem Facebook or text me!

Spring - Texas/California - with Goddess Julia Ball & WILDFEM Jenn Hadjiyannis

Summer - WILDFEM "Night of Illusions" Things aren't always what they seem to be! 

Virtual - Gathering - Spring Fling "Under the Tuscan Sun" 


I'm a truth seeker... I love spending time finding the truth about anything!  Especially in nature!  The behavior of animals.  The patterns of plants and trees.  The phases and seasons and how they impact the seasons within me. Uncovering the beauty that surrounds me! My greatest passion is to explore with women their hidden truths.  What truly inspires them.  Lights them up.  How they play, rage, grieve.  What does feeling loved, truly feel like to them.  How they express those burning desires to their partner or integrate those into your daily life! I love discovering the true emotional essence of a woman.   Not what society says, but her truest innate state.  What is the fuel formula needed to create YOUR authentic feminine fire.  S Factor's Erotic Creature Icons mirror 10 Iconic emotions in a human's body.  I have explored them as a teacher and student for 16 years.  As a Master Teacher of S Feminine Movement and Founder of WILDFEM, having a force of nature spirit, I am being called to listen and create what nature, God, life as a wife, mom, feminine leader, inspires and share it with you.  If you're craving more in life, in your body, heart and soul through movement and experiences, lets keep going!  


Explore on your own or do with a few other friends! Amelia always says "Sharing is caring!" LOL

10 - 1.5 hour private sessions  + assignments between privates to keep you engaged + access to    Gentle S classes to practice exploring in your body!

Reg: $2500 (SAVE: register by Feb 14th and receive $500 off!) 

Total today $2000




Be challenged in life!!! Go to wildfem Facebook page and like it!  Then promote your WILDFEM Vintage Denim on your social media and tag wildfem to enter!  Each time you post a WILDFEM Denim Wings sighting and tag wildfem, you'll receive an entry! 


Other ways to continue your journey: Gentle S virtual weekly classes! Join today!

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