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Are you swirling from the excitement, and celebrations of summer?  Are kids back in school?  Need a break from the every day of work? Craving an extended exhale?  Need I say more!!!! Join us as we dive into our bodies, basking in the joys of connecting with women and enhancing your feminine movement practice with more fun, adventure, dance, stretching, and growth.  All while expanding our daily practices and perception of life!  Delight in gifting yourself this opportunity before we dive into Winter, into the holidays.   


Imagine the S Factor philosophy of the 8 steps to Brain Immersion + the teaching styles of Sam & Jenn = one wildly wicked weekend!  Four days immersed into your body through movement, dance, exercises, and experiences to enhance your feminine movement practice and life!   All in the private setting of a loft in Downtown Stillwater, Minnesota.  As well as, in nature, out and about, exploring your daily life!  We challenge you to take the jump as if it was your last five minutes!  Go for it!  Why?  Because your body is asking you to.   And because it's Sam & Jenn!!!!!!!!  


When:    Friday, November 3 - Monday, November 6 (loose schedule below)

Where:   Downtown Stillwater - JX Venue a Loft on Second Street, Stillwater,  MN

What:     to bring? Dance clothes, warm-up clothes, play clothes, swimming suit, kitchen sink more to come...

Who:      If you're new to the feminine movement or you've been immersed for a while, there's something for everyone

Admission includes Registration to the event, lunch each day, one night out with dinner, an off-site adventure in nature, and more! And the master teachings of Jenn & Sam.  Their heart, body, and soul for women, included! 

Please book your own hotel or Air B&B with a group of ladies!  Once registered, you'll be given a list of recommendations and put into the YOLO Group on WhatsApp to start your journey now!  


Loose Schedule:


Breakfast on own
10am - 1pm AM Session - 
1 pm - 2 pm lunch provided onsite
2pm - 6pm PM Session
Dinner Assignment on own 


Breakfast on own
9am - 1pm AM Session 
1 pm - 3 pm Lunch/Assignment provided
3pm - 6pm PM Session
Dinner on own 


Breakfast on own
9am - 1pm AM Session 
1 pm - 3 pm Lunch/Assignment provided 
3pm - 6pm PM Session
Dinner on own 


Breakfast on own
9am - 1pm AM Session
1pm - 2pm Onsite lunch provided
2pm-9pm off-site adventure, Dinner provided 

Places to stay:

Hotel Crosby #651-967-7100

Lora #651-571-3500

Lowell Inn #651-439-1100

Water Street Inn #651-439-6000

Off the path blocks from Downtown Stillwater, you'll need a rental car

Rivertown Inn Bed & Breakfast

For luxury (thirty minutes from the venue) you'll need a rental car

Hotel Ivy, a luxurious Marriott property in Minneapolis 


You're coming to connect with your body right?  Why not, allow your heart and soul find a deeper connect as well!

Join the other women and rent an Airbnb!  Make it cozy, and intimate, and continue the connection!

Brain Immersion with Sam & Jenn


Want to connect about this event? Email, Call, Text...


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