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Who is she...


"She is guided in faith,
speaks with h
er body,
thinks with her heart, and
loves with her soul." ~Jenn






Another beautiful and emotional class today.

And I love how you give our bodies permission to move however they want to move. My Spring Clean topic today had been “Love” so your class was perfect in helping me to feel some of my unhealed places, move some of the pain through me.


Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Thank you, lovely 😘

Sheila Kelley - Founder of S Factor

"Jenn Hadjiyannis has the gift. She is a skilled, compassionate and powerful Body Whisperer. She has the uncanny ability to tune into your body's deepest desires and to pull those desires to the surface of your life so that they can grown and be realized. Jenn has taken the deep journey of body reclamation herself to come to a place of honest dialogue with her truth. She doesn't just talk the talk. As a teacher, she gets down and sexy, and walks the walk of a true leader." ~Sheila Kelley 


Jenn is a master body whisperer. She has a very gentle, powerful laser instinct, knowing when to allow an unfolding, when to urge for more, when to redirect, when to hold with abundant compassion and wisdom.  She creates the safest space for the most raw emergence, with a keen eye towards maintaining the right balance of comfort and challenge.  Her warm  caring eye and beautiful verbal support give courage to her students, and her genius body-reading transmits deep feminine wisdom.

She is a treasure of a find!

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Sign up through the links below.  

  • Membership ~ you'll automatically be enrolled in the class. 

  • Single class ~ please email Jenn which date you'd like to use your pass. 

  • Private session ~ register and Jenn will contact you to schedule the day/time. 

Once you have decided your path, you'll receive an email from Jenn ONE hour prior to your scheduled day and time.  The email will include the links to Zoom and Spotify, along with any assignments or inspirations.  If you're interested in a deeper dive, join WILDFEM LifeLines, a curated course that starts thirty minutes prior to movement on Mondays! Details will be in the email. 

If you are new get ready with the details here.



Looking for LIVE WILDFEM class, workshops, events, please email Jenn for more details.  She enjoys disrupting calendars and rebels against some structure! You never know where her next road trip will be. 

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