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WILDfemLIFE Netflix

STRIP DOWN, RISE UP is a new feature documentary directed and produced by Academy Award nominee Michèle Ohayon. The verité style film is about women who heal through sensual dance, specifically pole dance.


The film follows women of all walks of life, all ages and ethnic backgrounds, as they shed trauma, body image shame, sexual abuse and other issues locked in their bodies, and embark on a journey to reclaim themselves. The film also gives a rare window into the world of Pole artistry and expression.

My work with women as well as my own personal journey is shared in this intimate film. Watch it and let me know what you think...if you are ready to Rise Up and begin your WILDFEMLife I would be honored to support you. 

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I'm very fortunate to have spent time discussing the importance of how we show up as Awakened women in our lives, with my dear friend Sandy Sembler.   Show up for ourselves in our own body and emotions.  Along with in our marriages, relationships and even our walk with God.  


Article about Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up by
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