WILDFEM Flock ~ Vintage Denim

Birds of a feather flock together

WILDFEM is a flock of women who gather, move, rest, hunt, love together.  A place we witness and learn from one another.  A diverse community of Leaders,  where we honor, protect, celebrate and come as we are. 


WILDFEM jenn Flock jacket_edited.jpg

"I believe we all have a purpose.  We just have to be present in our body, to hear the soul call of our wild love. These jackets are a reminder of our unique essence.  An inspiration to take flight!  Soar." ~ Jenn

Flock Story

We are all uniquely created.  Our colors, textures, scars, emotions, gifts, passions, desires.... I have multiple denim jackets! Big comfy one with pockets, short thinly lined with Goddess dresses, ripped and distressed with leggings and boots and so on!  Each one is worn purposefully to inspire a feeling, an aesthetic, which ultimately brings me pleasure! The jackets I create have purpose too!  Whether they are flown in and donated with love from another person, hidden treasure from a Thrift shop or brand spank'n new, they are each uniquely repurposed.  Cleansed with sage, danced over in love and inspired with a crystal blessing.  All, in hopes, one day, the person wearing the piece will soar into their wildly magnetic joy! Join the flock!  WILDFEM me! 

Meet some of the Flock