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We dare you!

When planning events, I begin with the vision of how I want each woman feeling when it's all over.  Whether she's on the plane or in her car heading home.  She sits in her curves.  Her finger glides across her collar bone, tapping into her feminine flow.  Her face glowing, with a smile beaming from cheek to cheek.  She giggles, flashing back to a magical moment, where her soul was inspired.  Her energy is magnetic and those around her can't stop gazing! She's a force of nature. Overflowing with joyous enthusiasm, she takes a deep breath, stoking the flame ignited by her passions and dreams. Her confidence is on a high with the tools to conquer any critical thinking! She can kill her fears and unleash her wildly sensual sexy self. 

Daring the world to show her more! DING! Her phone notification goes off! 

It's her SWFL community ~ See you soon Love!


  I love collaborating with other fierce leaders to offer an experience like no other! To combine forces with Sam, the Founder of The Sweet Spot Life, is truly a dream.   A wildly crazy ass ~ laugh till you drop on the floor ~ jumping into pools with gowns on ~ top down at 2am for In n Out run ~ I DOUBLE DOG DARE you, kind of dream!   She's a Goddess of Pleasure, unicorns and glitter!  She has been a long time fem embodiment teacher, coach AND my "ride or die" forever friend.  Our families share life together.  We go deep and wide! Creating life goals, chasing our dreams and having f#(k'n  FUN!

LAST FIVE MINUTES is our motto. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! 

Give yourself the feeling of the woman heading home.

Yeah, the one living her best life!  We dare you! 


"Life offers you a thousand chances...all you have to do is take one." Frances Mayes


Three full days + a limited number of women + 2 crazy teachers + passions, desires, sensual awakenings, dreams = YOU

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About the WILDfem Events

Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind, Unleash!

Move, Dance, Play, be Wild + Free! 

Unravel, share life, by connecting and being seen by with like hearted women! Do you dare!

Unwind, relax and find peace in your soul, in nature, in the quiet moments!

Unleash your tamed body, spirit and heart in a way that not only honors you but also serves your relationships with your Faith, Family and Friends. 

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  • Virtual 1:1 offerings curating a personalized experience to enhance your feminine in the wilderness!

  • Live three-day Private Intensive with Jenn in Huntington Beach, CA or your location choice.  Allow yourself to be swept away into the warmth and nurturing energy of the WILDFEM.  Spend time in nature, movement, dance and exploration! Price varies, depending on location and dates.

  • WILDFEM Roadtrip Two and a half day Workshop in your hometown!  WILDFEM drives to you! 

  • 4-day Fiercely Feminine Gatherings 

Predator's Love
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from ~ Meenal Kelkar

The spaces that Jenn creates for healing and transformation are magical, as is she. I have attended retreats, intensive deep dives, and weekly classes with her, and it does not matter whether I am with her in person or via Zoom, Jenn’s magic reaches out and touches me. I feel my body melt, soften, and move in unexpectedly delightful ways that eventually become delightful changes in my life.