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Wild + Free

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About the Event

Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind, Unleash!

Unlearn the habits and conditions that we may have learned this past pandemic year or through our lineage, that hinders us from living the wildly awakened life we're called to live! Do you know them?

Unravel, share life, by connecting and being seen by with like hearted women! Do you dare!

Unwind, relax and find peace in your soul, in nature, in the quiet moments!

Unleash your tamed body, spirit and heart in a way that not only honors you but also serves your relationships with your Faith, Family and Friends. 

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Founder of WILDFEMlife

The everyday Cinderella. Loves to play with her wild friends in nature.  Along with taking long drives with the top down, feeling the wind push against her face.  From the raging ocean, to wildflowers land scapes, to masculine mountains and the desert colors... you'll find her out there basking under the sun or howling at the moon!

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Founder of The Feminine Freedom

The Epitome of Free Spirit. Attached to nothing that may weigh her down, Barbara finds joy in traveling around the world with her family and experience everything this world has to offer in it's natural state.  That joy she acquires from nature and experiences ripple out and touch those around her!   

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Wild + Free


August 6th - 8th

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort

Orlando, Florida


During event, meals and lodging included.

Additional nights before or after event are additional costs


Friday 5:00pm Dinner & Sacred Circle 

Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm Event

Sunday 9:00am - 9:00pm Event

Monday check out & safe travels!

Predator's Love

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from ~ Meenal Kelkar

The spaces that Jenn creates for healing and transformation are magical, as is she. I have attended retreats, intensive deep dives, and weekly classes with her, and it does not matter whether I am with her in person or via Zoom, Jenn’s magic reaches out and touches me. I feel my body melt, soften, and move in unexpectedly delightful ways that eventually become delightful changes in my life.