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Plans & Pricing

Gentle S

Al la Carte - Monthly Membership

Who are Gentle S students?  Diverse women who desire to learn a language their body can speak freely, in a sacred setting.  This one hour soulfully sexy feminine movement practice led by Master Teacher Jenn, will take you on an exploration of your body, emotionally and sensually.  Finding pleasure and passion that ignites your life, through breath, sound and movement.  For women who desire a more relaxed pace, with modified movement tailored to individual needs, Gentle S was created for you. Consisting of gentle stretches and ‘no to low impact’ movement with permission to do more if she wants!  A focus on moving through S Factor’s Brain Immersion tools.

Private Session

Do you desire a more intimate personally curated experience? I would be honored to work with you 1 : 1, in a private setting virtually or in person.  *Breaking down the language of the body through S Factor's feminine movement language *Exploration of your body and her desires * movement and body whispering feedback, mirroring your body's conversation * awakening your body through her senses * creating action plans in discovering a wholesomely sexy and awakened YOU  The time is yours to dive deeper into your body!




The Masterbody program was designed for women who want to commit to a deeper practice with their body.  "Constantly, Consciously, Cultivating our feminine genius" Sheila Kelley 


*Movement classes multiple times a week * Community with other like hearted women  * Monthly Leadership calls discussing tools to ignite your Feminine Fire and Awaken your desires * Access to private Spotify playlists * Once a month 30 minute chat with Jenn 


Intimate LIVE Gathering

Integrate what you discover and desire in your body into your life!  I come to you!  Contact Jenn directly to explore the possibilities!   

  • WILDFEM Unlimited

    Every month
    Access to - Monday 10am PT/Thursday 4pm PT
    • All Monday 10am PT & Thursday 4pm PT classes -
    • 35% savings per month
  • Best Value


    Every month
    Masterbody Membership
    • *Unlimited access to S Factor Feminine Movement classes
    • *Feminine Fuel tools to ignite your fire
    • *Access to private Spotify playlists
    • *Golden Threading - once per month community connection call
  • 1:1 Private Session

    Private class with Master Teacher Jenn
    Valid for one week
    • Focused attention
    • Customized playlist
    • Deeper Body exploration
    • Learning language of your body
  • Gentle S - Mondays

    Every month
    Reserved spot weekly on Mondays 10am PT - S Factor Gentle S
    • Monday 10am PST or Thursdays 4pm PST
    • 20% Savings per week
    • BONUS DAY! Fifth day in a month invite a Friend for free
  • Gentle S Thursdays

    Every month
    Reserved spot weekly on Thursdays 4pm PT
    • Thursdays 4pm PST
    • 20% Savings per week
    • BONUS DAY! Fifth day in a month invite a Friend for free
  • Single Gentle S

    Perfect for someone who wants to try a class
    Valid for one week
    • One single class Monday 10am PST or Thursday 4pm PT
  • Private Package

    Every week
    Automatic weekly privates
    • 1 hour private with Master Teacher Jenn in movement
  • Wild + Free Package

    Lively Wildly in your emotions through S Factor's EC Icons
    Valid for 6 months
    • 10 - 1.5 hour privates through each emotion
    • Access to weekly classes
    • Inspirational assignments between each private

Monthly classes will auto renew unless you request cancellation before month begins.