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Put on a slow sensual song like "Fade Into You" by Andrew Belle.  Lay in your space, close your eyes and allow your body to share with you what she craves for that space...breathe into it.  What scents, sounds, colors.... explore!~play!  Let your mind become magical!  Have fun!

Sacred Space: 

I invite you to find a quiet, uninterrupted space, free of distractions, where you can feel safe and inspired to move.  Adding anything that feels delicious and yummy to your body - anything and everything that your sensual body desires.  I made a list of items that may speak to your brilliant body.  Note, this is your journey.  You create what is needed to enhance and inspire your experience. You can add and take away at any point of your journey.  


We move on the floor most of the time.   If you are unable to, that is perfectly fine!  We can modify! If you have any injuries, please let me know at the start of class.  Pillows are very helpful to have near you for support, when needed.  10’ by 8’ plus or minus, private as possible, without any distractions



low dimmed lighting, natural sunlight, red light bulb(s) to create a glow, salt lamps also create a warm feeling and are great for breathing in!


Sensual touch: 

I like to surround myself in comfort to create a sacred and safe space for my energy and body. A yoga mat, sheepskin, comfy soft blanket, pillows, candles or essential oil diffuser with your favorite soothing scents (I am big on scents and can make recommendations) anything that helps you tap into your senses!  I have mints and a cinnamon lollipop near my movement space!  LOVE cinnamon. 


What to wear?  Textures, sparkles, colors, and shapes of clothing that inspire a pleasure hungry search of your body bliss.  You may want to mix things up for next class! 

Yoga movement attire - sweatpants and comfy shirt - bootie shorts and tank top…flows dress, tight skirt,  whatever you can comfortably move in!


Music set up:

I create my playlists on Spotify. 


If you do not have a premium account, please know the playlist may shuffle and commercial ads may interrupt the playlist. If you prefer to use your own playlist, I encourage you to follow my voice regardless. I will teach the technical break down of the movement, along with inspiration for movement. 


Please make sure that songs are not on repeat or the playlist on shuffle. You can keep the volume at whatever level suits you. Please make sure to mute yourself once class has started. I will be playing the music in my headset on my end and it will be at a level that you will not hear it, so no worries if our playlists don’t coincide exactly.


Refresh playlist prior to class, just in case I make any song changes to accommodate the class 



Class check-in

Warm up

Moving Meditation - Free dance or follow guidance from teacher 

Cool down closing 

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